Novikova N. Information technology of automation of object-oriented modeling based on the requirements of the subject area

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 05.13.06 - Інформаційні технології


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Д 41.052.01

Odessa National Polytechnic University


The thesis is devoted to the issues of increasing the productivity of developing information systems (IS) by reducing the time to create use cases (UC) and models of program classes by developing and improving methods for describing UC, building, tracking changes and testing class models. A method for the automated description of the UC based on the proposed classification of scenario points has been developed, which has allowed the creation of templates for describing scenario points. The method of constructing a model of program classes (MPC) was improved, which provides for the inclusion in the model of additional information about the class, its attributes and methods, as well as the application of techniques and procedures for the gradual creation of the model in accordance with scenario points. The method for for determining the conformity of a class model to design patterns and corporate requirements, which provides for the automated determination of a number of metrics with respect to the class in general, its attributes and methods, was further developed. The method for class model component upgrades was further developed through the automated determination and correction of classes, methods and attributes associated with scenario points to be changed. The methodology for checking the quality of implementation of the requirements of the subject area was further developed, which provides for the automated identification of many test cases, as well as the use of test patterns that correspond to the type of each scenario point. The proposed methods allowed to reduce the time spent on the description of the UC, the creation of the MPC, the verification of class models, tracking changes in requirements and to ensure the completeness of testing. Software for implementing the proposed methods has been developed.


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