Korovkina G. Features of the Art Nouveau architecture in Kharkiv city

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 18.00.01 - Теорія архітектури, реставрація пам'яток архітектури


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К 64.089.06

O.M. Beketov national university of urban economy in Kharkiv


The thesis is devoted to revealing the features of the Art Nouveau architecture in Kharkiv city. Native and foreign studies about on the emergence and development of style in Western Europe and on the territory of the former Russian Empire, which included the Kharkiv province analyzed. The sociocultural context in which the Kharkiv Art Nouveau architecture arose and developed, as well as the conditions and factors that contributed its originality, analyzed. Among them is the status of Kharkiv as a provincial center and the related development of industry, transport, higher education, which ensured an influx of personnel and finance, as well as the construction of residential and public buildings. The interrelation of Kharkiv architecture with the directions of European Art Nouveau is revealed, the channels of influence and borrowing are determined. It is noted that the facades of buildings are carriers of expressive characteristics of Art Nouveau in Kharkiv architecture. It is determined that hybrid trends have been formed in the Art Nouveau architecture of Kharkiv city, formed due to both local cultural traditions and the author’s interpretation of the characteristic techniques and figurative constructions inherent in European Art Nouveau. The main ones are decorative, rationalistic, northern Art Nouveau, modernized neoclassic, eclectic Art Nouveau and their subspecies. Stylistic characteristics of each direction were identified. The role of Art Nouveau architecture in the formation of the environment of the city of Kharkov is established. It was revealed that the buildings made in the Art Nouveau style formed the "face" of the central part of the city and became its hallmark. The current state of the Art Nouveau buildings analyzed and methodological recommendations for the study, preservation and further use of the Kharkiv heritage of the of the Art Nouveau era developed.


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