Molchanova K. Management mechanism of aviation enterprises interaction in the digital economy

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 08.00.04 - Економіка та управління підприємствами (за видами економічної діяльності)


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Д 11.151.01

Institute of Industrial Economics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


The dissertation is devoted to the improvement of theoretical provisions and the development of practical recommendations for the formation of a mechanism for managing the interaction of aviation enterprises in the digital economy. The paper summarizes theoretically the aspects of the activities of aviation enterprises in the context of digitalization by summarizing the features of digital transformation of business models of production and commercial activities of aviation enterprises, assessing their level of digital transformation and developing recommendations on the structure and content of interaction processes in the digital environment. The essence and the content of the terms «digital economy», «digital transformation», «digital platform» are specified. The scientific novelty of the results obtained lies in the proposed conceptual approach to organizing the interaction of an air enterprise on the basis of a digital platform, which will ensure the quality of information exchange, including the completeness of information and its accuracy, form individualized offers for customers, perform operational management and decision-making through end-to-end control of the transportation process, optimize the time for performing individual operations and the total service time "from door to door", to obtain a synergistic effect due to the joint use of material and intellectual assets of the platform participants, which will contribute to increasing competitiveness in the air transportation market. The digital transformation of the air transport business means the transition from the model of fixed services of airlines to on-demand services, which not only changes the thinking of management, but also requires a flexible transformation of market business models of all participants in the air transport market. A separate type of interaction - digital partnership, the main focus of which is to serve the consumer at different stages of his journey or fulfill the order for delivery of goods in a single digital space was highlighted. A methodical approach to assessing the level of digital transformation of production and commercial activities of aviation enterprise was developed. This approach, in contrast to existing ones, involves determining indices of digital activity, digital maturity and digital interaction, which together eliminate information asymmetry and increase the synchronicity of business process management in service supply of air transport services for passengers and cargo clients. The methodological support for the introduction of electronic document management between the subjects of the air transportation market on the basis of digital platforms has been improved. The construction of road maps, the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts is envisaged, which allows to significantly increase the quality, transparency and efficiency of electronic exchange between the subjects of the air transportation market. Keywords: digital economy, digital transformation, digital platform, digital partnership, management of aviation enterprises interaction.


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