Kudin D. Low-temperature nonequilibrium plasma-chemical processes in a barrierless gas discharge of atmospheric pressure in air with hydrocarbon admixture

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 01.04.08 - Фізика плазми


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Д 64.051.12

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University


The thesis is devoted to the investigation of low-temperature nonequilibrium processes in the barrierless gas discharge in air of atmospheric pressure with hydrocarbon admixture; composition analysis for the products of plasma-chemical reactions; studying the effect of impurities on the electrodynamics' parameters of the discharge; studying the efficiency of plasma-chemical decomposition for hydrocarbons depending on the power put into the discharge. The products of plasma-chemical reactions for the impurities of methanol and ethanol in air in a barrierless gas discharge were experimentally investigated. Due to the combination of chromatographic and mass spectrometric methods, it was shown that the intermediate products of plasma chemical oxidation of ethanol and methanol. The efficiency of decomposition for dichloroethane, cyclohexane and ethylene impurities was studied. It was shown that the degree of decomposition was decreased together with the power put into the discharge. The influence of hydrocarbon impurities on the electrodynamic parameters of the discharge was studied. It was found that the impurities of cyclohexane, ethanol, benzene, benzaldehyde and other carbohydrates that do not contain halogens result in the increase of the amplitude for current pulses, and the impurities of hydrocarbons containing halogens suppress the amplitude of current pulses due to high electronegative potential of chlorine. A theoretical model for the kinetics of ethylene oxidation and ozone decomposition reactions under different conditions is proposed. The limiting cases of ozone and ethylene decomposition in the air-ozone-ethylene mixture are numerically analyzed. For all initial conditions, there is a combination of coefficients when ozone decay on a semi-logarithmic scale looks like a line corresponding to the "first-order kinetics". The efficiency of ethylene control in a shipping container using the plasma-chemical system based on the barrierless gas discharge was studied. It was shown that the use of the systems based on the barrierless plasma chemical reactors can significantly (by more than 10 times) reduce the equilibrium concentration of ethylene in the air.


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