Hryhorenko L. Ecological and hygienic estimation influence of potable water quality, taken from centralized, decentralized aources and supplementary treatment potable water to the population health of rural district in the Dnipropetrovsk region

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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Dissertation is devoted to the ecological hygienic evaluation quality of drinking water from different systems of water supply in the rural districts of Dnipropetrovsk region and research of their influence on the prevalence of diseases at the adult and children population. In the thesis on a basis of comprehensive environmental, hygienic, sociological and epidemiological studies, relationships between the indicators of drinking water quality and incidence of the rural population are studied, contributions of factors to the incidence rate of rural population, relative risk factors (RR) development of the chronic non-communicable diseases in children who used drinking water from the decentralized water supply systems; predictive models of probable prevalence have been developed of an non-communicable diseases in children, due to the influence chemical composition of drinking water from the decentralized systems, effectiveness of a post-treatment of the piped drinking water has been proved, levels of non-carcinogenic risks have been determined, and a comprehensive system of preventive measures at the national and regional levels has been recommended.

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