Hrab U. Myroslaw Antonowycz: intellectual biography. Emigrational musicology in the Ukrainian culture formation of the post-war decades.

Українська версія

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Musicologists' attention to such particular "suprenational" formation as the Ukrainian emigration, including the musical one, is not accidental. A great multilevel layer of Ukrainian musical culture appeared in the emigrational environment, which through its activity often compensated the lack of research trends in the post-war Soviet Ukraine. By reason of circumstances, an organic part of Ukrainian ethnic group found itself in an alien world having survived war, transit camps, fear of repatriation and adaptation in the new mental, cultural and social conditions. These people were in the state of a continuous psychological transition from the past, which remained in their memory, to the present, where they should have found their place and "restored" themselves anew. Being locked up in their artificially formed and language-separated space, they acutely experienced a sense of nostalgia for the past that became sacralized. Psychological dimension of loss was the most complicated to survive and building "own Ukraine" in various aspects became a differential characteristic of emigra-tional culture-forming activities.

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