Duka R. Surgical treatment of metabolic disorders caused by obesity (clinical and experimental study)

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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Д 08.601.01

State institution "Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine"


The aim of the work is to increase the efficiency and safety of surgical treatment of metabolic disorders in obese patients by introducing and justifying complex measures. They include effective preparation of patients for surgery, optimization of techniques for performing surgical interventions and evaluation of the results of postoperative the operated patients' rehabilitation. 111 patients with morbid obesity (MO) and concomitant metabolic syndrome (MS) aged 21 to 65 years (average age 40.9±1.34 years) were examined, treated and operated on. Analysis of the dynamics of MO indicators during the first 3 years after surgical treatment showed general trends to a significant (from p<0.01 to p<0.001) decrease in body mass and body mass index (BMI) in patients of all clinical groups after 3 months from the beginning of treatment. The analysis proved that the modified Hess-Marceau biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS) technique provided % EWL at the level of 74.3±1.78 (95% CI 70.6-77.9) % for 3 years after the surgical intervention. After performing sleeve gastrectomy (SG) % EWL during this follow-up period averaged 58.6 ± 4.02 (95% CI 50.3-66.9) %.

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