Stetsenko B. Institutionalization of financial infrastructure of knowledge economy

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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Д 26.006.04

Kyiv National Economics University named after Vadym Hetman


The dissertation is devoted to justifying of theoretical and methodological principles and pragmatic positions of institutional financial infrastructure functioning of the knowledge economy. The features of knowledge use as a specific economic resource in modern economic agents’ activities are established. The directions of functional transformation of financial intermediation in the knowledge economy are revealed. Emphasis is made on significant changes which take place at the level of financial institutions’ functions in the knowledge economy. The channels of modification of aims and tasks of modern financial institutions under the influence of knowledge and information factors are defined. The role of institutional, instrumental, operational innovations as a key element of financial institutions’ corporate strategies in the knowledge economy is determined. The determinants of institutional financial infrastructure formation at the global level are revealed, including the place of state financial policy in such processes. Features of knowledge economy formation in Ukraine and role of institutional financial infrastructure in these processes are revealed. The place of the state-owner and state-regulator in the domestic financial intermediation functioning is considered. The conformity of corporate strategies of financial institutions in Ukraine to the requirements of global competitiveness has been assessed, especially in the context of the processes of knowledge economy formation in our country. The key factors of refusal of domestic financial institutions from active use of knowledge and information in interaction with consumers and clients are defined. Recommendations aimed at modernizing of domestic institutional financial infrastructure on a knowledge basis - in terms of strengthening financial inclusion, changing the format of relations between financial institutions and other economic agents, transformation of priorities in state policy concerning financial institutions are justified. All reasonable changes in the financial institutions’ activities should be based on a clear European integration vector of our state development. Accordingly, this determines the necessity to level the influence of political and social factors on the institutional financial infrastructure functioning in Ukraine.


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