Hromko T. Methodology of lexical and grammatical description of the idiom lingual.

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University


The thesis focuses on the methodology of idiom linguistics description: introduction, theoretical and practical substantiation of the collection procedural scheme, documentation and description of linguistic idiom data. The efficiency of the author's method of multi-verbal description is proved by a scientifically oriented linguistic complex. In historiographical education, views on linguistic treatises of idiom as a language system are systematized, the emphasis is on the scientific interpretation of idiom linguistics from the standpoint of description as a model of analysis as opposed to traditional differentiated interpretation, which is characterized by lacunarity. The study refines the linguistic methodology and research apparatus of description in the context of the linguistic approach to the distribution technology of recorded words spoken and recognized. Methodologically lexico-grammatical description of the idiom linguistics qualifies as a fragment of its monographic description and as a scientific interpretation of the language expressive resources. The systemic nature of idiom linguistics is positioned by the language and speech arsenal as expressed in speech and reflected in the recorded text corpus of speech discourse oral expression as a tool, expressed in the structure of the thesaurus and ideographic dictionary of speech, in the internal logic of their conclusions. The paper presents the experience of forming the methodology and partial testing of the conversational discourse linguistic description on the basis of the textual model of the levels desubing and the speech political structure. The basics of a new field of linguistic theory of idiom – idiomology, the essence of which is a broad-based interpretation of idiom as a phenomenon, and the effectiveness of the idiological model of analysis is to ensure the reliability of speech research results in the perspective of idiological studies.


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