Oriekhova V. Developing Transmedia Competence of Future Primary School Teachers of Music Art

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 013 - Початкова освіта


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ДФ 12.112.006

The State Higher Educational Institution "Donbas State Pedagogical University"


Object: professional training of future teachers of music art in modern conditions of digitalization of education; purpose: to identify, theoretically substantiate and experimentally test the pedagogical conditions that ensure the formation of transmedia competence of future teachers of primary school music; methods: theoretical (analysis of media sources, philosophical, sociological, cultural, psychological and pedagogical, methodological literature on the outlined problem to reveal the essence of the categories "transmedia", "transmedia technology", "transmedia competence of future teachers of music"; study and generalization of domestic and foreign experience in digitalization of education and development of transmedia technology; design and modeling to determine the logic of research and development of pedagogical models for the formation of transmedia competence of future primary school music teachers); empirical (pedagogical questionnaires, surveys, testing, interviews, observation of the process of using transmedia technology, studying the products of creative activity of higher education seekers; pedagogical experiment during the ascertaining, formative and control stages); methods of mathematical statistics (for quantitative and qualitative analysis and verification of the results of experimental work, implemented using MS Excel software, Student's t-test and Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test). The scientific novelty of the research is that, for the first time, the concept “transmedia competence of future primary school teachers of music art” in the content of their professional competence as the capacity to use, to edit, and to make transmedia art educational resources is introduced into the domestic scientific use; the scientific and methodological basis, the essence and the structure of the defined concept are determined; the pedagogical conditions of developing transmedia competence of future primary school teachers of music art are substantiated, they are: providing future specialists with knowledge in the sphere of transmedia technology; forming and developing future music art teachers’ skills to work in the transmedia environment under blended learning conditions; focusing on the development of future music teachers’ creativity for the effective implementation of transmedia projects; we have specified the conceptual-category apparatus of the research, namely “new media”, “convergence”, as well as theoretical foundations of future music art teachers’ professional training in the conditions of implementing New Ukrainian School; we have improved theforms and methods of learning at institutions of higher pedagogical education in the context of the objectives to develop future music art teachers’ transmedia technology; we have further developed the theory and methodology of future music art teachers’ professional training in the conditions of education informatisation.


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