Halych M. Peculiarities of the dynamics of emotional states of police officers participating in the joint forces operation

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 053 - Соціальні та поведінкові науки. Психологія


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ДФ 26.007.028

National Academy of Internal Affairs


Based on the theoretical analysis, the peculiarities of the dynamics of the emotional states of the police participants of the joint forces operation are substantiated. In the course of the dissertation research the theoretical analysis of literature sources is carried out, the results of the experiment of research of semantic and dynamic features of emotional states of policemen - participants of operation of joint forces are interpreted, the basic general scientific approaches and methods of rendering psychological help in rehabilitation period are considered. combatants who will need increased psychological attention from specialists. In the study of the factors of emotional disorders in combatants, biological, psychological and social are distinguished. For combatants, the most common stressors are real danger to life and health, constant readiness to repel the attack, tension and dynamism of the operational environment, lack of adequate rest, unusual climatic conditions, prolonged separation from families. Being in a war under the influence of stress factors provokes post-traumatic stress disorder, acute reaction to stress and other negative states and manifestations. That is why the development of the problem of studying the mechanisms of psychological problems and psychosomatic disorders in combatants is to determine in detail the role of social factors in the disintegration of mental activity and the possibility of developing preventive and curative measures to preserve mental health and combat effectiveness.


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