Kamenyuk Y. Psychological factors in the formation of patriotism of a serviceman in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Українська версія

Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 053 - Соціальні та поведінкові науки. Психологія


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ДФ 26.709.025

The National Defense University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi


The aim of the dissertation is to solve the science task, in particular to clarify the psychological factors of patriotism in the structure of the soldier's personality, influencing the formation of the person's worldview of a defender, citizen and patriot of Ukraine, his awareness of personal responsibility to protect the homeland. The purpose of the work is to assess the factors influencing the formation of patriotism among the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to formulate theoretical conclusions and practical recommendations based on the evaluation of their effectiveness. The urgency of the task, in this difficult time for our country, is the need to assess the person's factors of consciousness and patriotism that play a special role not only in the spiritual life of our society but also affect all major areas, including economic, social, political, defence, etc. Adequate response to existing and potential challenges and threats to national security requires a set of measures not only to increase its defense capabilities, but also to increase the moral readiness and mental resilience of citizens to resist aggression. It was substantiated that value orientations are the key psychological factors of patriotism in the personality structure of a member of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The structural components of patriotism as a value orientation for a person who recognizes the importance of national and European values (patriotic feelings, responsibility for the fate of the country; national dignity; patriotic awareness; the need to preserve national spiritual and cultural values for future generations; willingness and readiness for actions related to patriotism); It was identified that patriotism, as a socio-psychological resource of the individual service member provides a potential ability to resist information aggression, the psychological readiness of citizens to defend their country and promote its well-being. The Patriot of Ukraine, a targeted program for the formation of patriotism in the military, was improved by integrating into its content a set of military-patriotic events aimed at developing the value orientation of cadets as future officers. The practical significance of the study is that principal outcomes of a research can be used in the system of national patriotic education, military patriotic work with service members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will contribute to the formation of a mentally stable and patriotic person and motivate him or her to military service. The obtained results can also be used in the activities of military authorities, higher military educational institutions, military units and individual units.


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