Mazur O. Music archival funds of radio companies in the conditions of digitalization

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 029 - Культура і мистецтво. Інформаційна, бібліотечна та архівна справа


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ДФ 64.807.005

Kharkiv State Academy of Culture


The dissertation is one of the first in Ukraine comprehensive research on the peculiarities of the formation of musical archival radio funds in the system of documentary communications of society, the development of scientifically sound measures aimed at optimizing the acquisition, accounting and use of music archives, improving technologies for preserving and restoring archives. The state of development of the researched problem is analyzed, the scientific and methodological apparatus of research of musical archival funds is covered. In the context of the formation of the world music industry, the genesis of the creation of means of sound fixation and the development of ethereal music reproduction are highlighted. A holistic historical and informational analysis was conducted in the context of the synergy of two communication systems - sound recording and radio broadcasting. It is determined that radio space has the features of a complex open sphere, and radio broadcasting is its integral communication subsystem. The formation of the music sector in the radio broadcasting system was influenced by the complexity of the technological capabilities of radio studios and audio recording, diversification of genre and style features of music content. A pattern has been established, according to which during the twentieth century. in competition with "radio music", the grammar industry used technological and communicative achievements of radio broadcasting.


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