Lutsenko Y. Preparation of future managers of organizations for realization of facilitator functions in professional activity

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 13.00.04 - Теорія і методика професійної освіти


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The dissertation presents a theoretical, methodological justification and the author’s solution to the scientific problem of preparing future managers of organizations to implement the functions of a facilitator in professional activities. Analysis of the theory and practice of future managers training, educational programs for their training at leading universities showed that there is a discrepancy between the normative, theoretical and methodological justification of this process and constrained implementation of institutional and structural aspects due to a number of contradictions, including:contradictions between the qualitatively specific creative nature of management, in which an important modern «option» is the ability to facilitate and traditional knowledge-reproductive methods of professional training, which cultivate subject-object relations between participants in the pedagogical process;the need to introduce into the content of professional training of future managers samples of professional activity, modeling of managerial situations in which facilitation appears as a key act of mobilization of collective efforts of the organization and real practice of this training in higher education institutions built on subject-functional principle;contradictions between facilitation potential of managerial functions and the lack of a scientifically sound system of training future managers to implement the facilitation function in professional activities. The phenomenon of readiness of future managers of organizations to implement the functions of the facilitator is presented as one of the important results of professional education, which reproduces a sufficient and high level of ability of graduates of specialty 073 Management to ensure qualitative influence on consciousness and behavior of production entities, characterized by permanent motivational, coordinating and mobilizing support for both individuals and groups


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