Kostyuk N. The Ukrainian Liturgical Music Culture of 1801-1916 years (scientifical-didactic, traditionally-singing, performing and composition aspects).

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The dissertation is dedicated to one of the most fundamental and still not investigated problems in the field of the Ukrainian human sciences. In connection with the specifics of the subject, first of all, the approach to the research material was rethought. Instead of the traditional and simplifying analysis of the best liturgical works of eminent composers (based on the methodology of studying secular art), as well as their presentation exclusively in secular performance, the opposite has been proposed. It is based on the acceptance of the laws and tendencies of the church life of the traditional society (the immanent quality of the corresponding period) by the dominant qualities of culture, as well as the relationship of liturgical musical culture with common social, cultural and religious ideological spheres. The analysis dynamics of the process of transition from single investigations of 1920-1980th to the problematic and thematic trends differentiation in the researches of the 1990th and the next decades had shown advisability of such kind of rethinking. In the process of building a context covering more than a hundred years and different regions of Ukraine, were discovered facts proving out the preservation and self-restoration of national religious phenomena in all possible perspectives had.

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