Vashchyk Y. Theoretical and experimental substantiation of the control system for the associated course of poultry pseudomonosis

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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  • 16.00.03 - Ветеринарна мікробіологія та вірусологія


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Д 64.359.01

National Scientific Center Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine


The dissertation presents a theoretical generalization and a new solution to a scientific problem that manifests itself in the development and substantiation of a system of actions that prevent the emergence of associative forms of pseudomonosis with poultry bacteriosis in order to obtain environmentally safe products. The etiological component, clinical, pathoanatomical features were studied, diagnostics of the associated course of pseudomonosis with bacterial pathogens was improved. The etiological structure of the associated course of pseudomonosis with poultry bacteriosis has been elaborated and scientifically and economically substantiated, an algorithm for veterinary protection of birds with the rotation of domestic ecologically safe preparations and means. A selective medium with pronounced growth, differentiating, inhibiting, pigment-stimulating properties for the isolation of P. aeruginosa from pathologic material, biomaterial, environmental objects, feed and food products was modified, the use of which increases the efficiency of isolating strains with suppressed pigmentation. The problem of antibiotic resistance of isolates P. aeruginosa from the objects of the hospital and poultry medium is considered. The biological properties of isolates of P. aeruginosa, which have been isolated in the associated course, have revealed a higher pathogenicity and a higher rate of antibiotic resistance in non-pigmented strains compared to the pigment synthesizing strains. High efficiency of decontamination of working surfaces for processing by new means ‘Dezsan’, ‘Shumerske sriblo’ for contamination by the most typical representatives of associative bacteriosis and the pathogen of poultry pseudomonosis has been proved. The method of prevention of the associated pseudomonosis of poultry embryos is proposed by rotation of environmentally safe new means ‘Shumerske sriblo’, ‘VetОks-1000’. The compounds were synthesized and the antimicrobial properties of 3-(morpholinomethylene)-4-R-4H-1,2,4-triazole-5-thiols derivatives — PCR-134, PCR-135, PCR-136, PCR-139 and PCR-174 were derived. The experimentally confirmed the hepatoprotective effect of PCR-173 compound at medicinal and infectious-toxic hepatitis has been scientifically substantiated. For the first time, the feed additive ‘Karsilin’ was developed and a more pronounced hepatoprotective effect in comparison with Tiotriazolinum was experimentally established. The scheme of application ‘Karsilin’ for poultry is proposed. For the first time in Ukraine, expressed immune stimulating and growth stimulating properties of an ecologically safe means ‘Bioglobin’ for conditionally healthy poultry and at associated pseudomonosis has been experimentally confirmed. The prophylactic effectiveness of nanomicroelement additive ‘Microstimulin’ for the protection of poultry in the associated course of pseudomonosis with bacterial pathogens has been proved. A new effective anti-bacterial drug ‘Saroflox’ is proposed as an alternative to fighting infections caused by P. aeruginosa antibiotic resistant strains and other bacterial pathogens-associatives. Epizootological monitoring of the dissemination of the associated course of pseudomonosis with bacterial pathogens in poultry holdings of Ukraine for the period from 2015 to 2018 indicates the circulation of P. aeruginosa among different types of industrial poultry, most often in the form of an associated course with colibacillosis, staphylococcosis, proteosis, salmonellosis (85% of cases). The associated course of pseudomonosis with poultry bacteriosis was characterized by a higher intensity of manifestation of clinical and pathoanatomical characteristics and a higher mortality rate of 15% compared with mono-infection. The polyresistance of isolates P. aeruginosa, obtained from different places of the hospital environment of objects of humane medicine and poultry buildings, to antibacterial agents and the tendency to significantly decrease the sensitivity of the pathogen relative to preparations of the group of cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones, aminoglycosides has been confirmed. A method of treating poultry at pseudomonosis in the form of monoinfection and associated with bacteriosis, characterized in that for the purpose of etiotropic therapy, the developed antibiotic preparation «Saroflox» is used in the form of drinking water in a dose of 0.5 mg per 10 kg of weight for 5 days, provides 100% bird safety.


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