Miloradova N. Psychology of Professional Genesis of Investigative Agencies of Pre-Trial Investigation of the National Police of Ukraine

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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  • 19.00.06 - Юридична психологія


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Д 64.700.04

Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs


The author of the dissertation has provided theoretical and methodological analysis of the problem of professional genesis of an expert in the modern science. The content of the definitions of «professional genesis», «professional scenario», «personal professional scenario planning» has been defined. It has been emphasized that the professional genesis of investigators is a gradual, systematic, multi-structural, continuous process of development and becoming a professional within professional environment, whose main parameters are the operational, substantive and dynamic basic psychological characteristics, and the result is the high level of professional skills in the course of pre-trial investigation of criminal offenses. The conceptual provisions of the program of professional and psychological support of investigators’ professional genesis have been substantiated. It has been offered: 1) typical models of professional and psychological support of vocational guidance of youth, who are studying, in regard to choosing the profession of an “investigator”, professional genesis of cadets (future investigators) and investigators. 2) scientific and applied tools of professional and psychological support for the professional genesis of investigators, namely: a) to perform diagnostics of features of basic psychological characteristics of professional genesis (conceptual model of research, general methodical techniques and features of psycho-diagnostic tools for determining specific features of basic psychological characteristics of investigators’ professional genesis; author’s questionnaires for defining the features of investigators’ professional genesis at all stages); b) for the prevention and correction of negative results of investigators’ professional genesis.


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