Perederiy V. Models, methods and information technologies of decision making in organizational and technical systems of critical application

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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  • 05.13.06 - Інформаційні технології


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Д 67.052.01

Kherson National Technical University


The dissertation proposes a solution to the scientific and practical problem: development of models and methods of information technology (IT) decision making (DM) under conditions of uncertainty in multilevel organizational and technical systems of critical application (OTSCA), taking into account the influence of external and production factors on cognitive components of DM , and the solution on this basis of an important scientific and technical problem - increasing the efficiency of management processes for a particular class of multilevel OTSCA. Has been carried out the structural analysis and classification of modern OTSCA, their multilevel character and considerable dependence of efficiency of their functioning on qualification and psychophysical condition of DM, development of methodological bases, the decision of questions of development and research of fuzzy hierarchical relational cognitive models of definition of optimum mutual influence of environmental factors DM parameters. Fuzzy cognitive models are proposed, which allow to model and regulate the DM process under the influence of destabilizing environmental factors under conditions of uncertainty, methods and techniques of IT DM construction are developed, use of which allows to determine, evaluate and control the degree of destabilizing factors on functional stability (FD) DM, and to form adapted DM alternatives in critical situations of OTSCA management. Mathematical models and methods for assessing the adequate impact of factors on the psychophysiological and cognitive capabilities of DM, by identifying it and forming an individual interface for it, to ensure maximum efficiency of interaction with the system in the DM process, developed models and tools for IT updating distributed database in OTSCA assessment of relevant alternatives for decision-making in conditions of uncertain, inaccurate and contradictory information in real time, proposed models and principles of IT DM for the provision and control of FD and information security of the distributed guarantee OTSCA. Developed models of IT monitoring which provides measurement of the set parameters and definition on them of the established indicators and characteristics, detection of their inconsistency, to the established standard data on accident rate, and also DM on elimination of the reasons. Models and principles of IT assessment and support of a set of information security indicators of the DM process and OTSCA as a whole have been developed.


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