Slobodianyk O. Foreign policy communications as a tool for interaction between actors in international relations.

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 052 - Соціальні та поведінкові науки. Політологія


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ДФ 26.001.049

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


The dissertation is devoted to studying conceptual and applied aspects of modern communication tools of foreign policy at different levels of international cooperation, which depend on further progress in international processes, the effectiveness of external activities of international actors and development of their cooperation format. The work is based on a synthesis of theoretical and methodological approaches to the essence of foreign communications in foreign and domestic scientific opinion, a study of the evolution and current state of the foreign policy of international organizations and leading countries in a communication context, a definition of the specific interactions in the transformation of international relations, with clarifying the nature and modification of foreign policy communications and forming concepts of new political views and qualitatively models of cooperation.


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