Kucherenko O. Organizational and economic tools for diversification of construction companies

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 051 - Соціальні та поведінкові науки. Економіка


Specialized Academic Board

ДФ 26.056.029

Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture


The dissertation is devoted to the solution of the scientific-applied problem of substantiation of the methodical-applied approach of estimation and choice of strategy of institutionally-oriented diversification of activity of the building enterprises. The aim of the study, which distinguishes its importance for science, is to adapt the conceptual and methodological principles and tools to choose rational options for diversification strategy - the conditions of construction companies in the micro-environment of projects implemented to increase energy security in state and municipal programs. The components of the diversification toolkit include mathematical algorithms for evaluating and ranking energy efficient projects for complex or partial thermal modernization of condominiums with maximizing the complex effect of their implementation in accordance with established priorities, to automate the implementation of complex activities of construction companies in the field of energy efficiency of the residential sector.


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