Inozemtseva K. Organizational and legal principles of staffing of the judicial system of Ukraine

Українська версія

Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Sumy State University


The dissertation is devoted to the complex research of organizational and legal bases of staffing of judicial system of Ukraine. The positions of scientists and scholars on the disclosure of the essence of the concept of "judicial system" are considered, taking into account the approaches to the interpretation of this category. It is concluded that the "judicial system" is a set of state judicial bodies authorized to administer justice. Instead, the concept of "justice system" is broader, which includes: 1) the judiciary; 2) state bodies and institutions, whose activities ensure the proper functioning of courts, and thus contribute to the effective administration of justice. The author’s interpretation of the concept of "personnel policy in the judiciary" as part of the state personnel policy, which is a set of basic principles, scientifically sound methods and ways to develop strategic objectives and goals for the formation of skilled workers by setting requirements for selection, training, training, retraining, advanced training, rational use (distribution, transfer) and dismissal of personnel, etc. in the judicial system of the state.


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