Volovyk A. Symbol soffolkand literary talesin Ukrainian-English translation tradition.

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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This thesis highlights the ways of rendering source text (ST) symbolic markers and universal, nationally specific, authors’ idiosyncratic symbols as well as derived groups of universal symbols with ethno-cultural semantic component and universal with authors’ idiosyncratic meanings taken from the folk and literary tales into the target text (TT). Within the framework of the research, the symbols are divided into universal, nationally specific and authors’ idiosyncratic symbols, and derived symbolic groups. Universal symbols that include the most important symbols for all the living beings, the symbols of space, encode the fundamentals of the primitive people world view and appear to be a drawn thread for many cultures. The flexibility of the meaning of universal symbols implies the existence of ethno-cultural components, which, however, do not conflict with the spatial meanings of the symbol. Nationally specific symbols reflectthe national world view of a particular ethnic group. The third group of symbols is peculiar to literary tales. It consists of proper authors’ idiosyncratic symbols and universal symbols “complicated” by additional symbolic meanings created by the author. The common feature for all the groups lies in the «our» / «their» binary opposition that forms the basis for them. The preservation and reproduction of the mentioned gro ups of symbols in the TT is a prerequisite to the adequate perception of the whole symbolic picture of the folkor literary tale by the target audience.

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