Tymchyk M. Pedagogics of Olexandr Dukhnovych in the context of social and socio-cultural changes in Transcarpathia in the XIXth century

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 13.00.01 - Загальна педагогіка та історія педагогіки


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К 38.134.02

V.O. Sukhomlynskyi Mykolaiv National University


Research object: pedagogical heritage of Olexandr Dukhnovych. The aim of the study: to implement a holistic analysis of pedagogical and cultural-educational activities of Olexandr Dukhnovych in the context of social and socio-cultural transformations in Transcarpathia in the XIXth century and to determine perspectives for their use in the modern educational area. Methods: historical-retrospective, personalistic-biographical, search- bibliographic, hermeneutic analysis of sources, scientific reconstruction, theoretical generalization. The scientific novelty of the research: for the first time, a comprehensive analysis of the pedagogical personality of Olexandr Dukhnovych in the context of the socio-cultural realities of Transcarpathia in the XIXth century was carried out; the research approaches to studying the heritage of the scientist are singled out and characterized; the essence and components of the didactic-educational concept and educational ideal of O. Dukhnovych are highlighted; the general scientific view of the development of the national education, due to the actualization of humanistic pedagogical views of Olexandr Dukhnovych has been enriched and improved; the theory of general pedagogy and the history of pedagogy became of further development. The practical value of the study: to develop and implement in the educational process the biographical data, periodization of educational activities, systematization of scientific and pedagogical heritage of O. Dukhnovych and the source base of the given study. Degree of implementation - high Scope (the area of use) – pedagogical, higher education establishments, institutes of postgraduate pedagogical education.


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