Tokalenko P. Features of the political reaction of the imperial regime to the First Russian Revolution in Southern Ukraine (1905–1910)

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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Zaporizhzhia National University


Object of research: Southern Ukraine in the conditions of the First Russian Revolution and in the post-revolutionary period. Subject of research: reactionary policy of Russian tsarism in the southern region in 1905-1910. The purpose of the study: a comprehensive analysis of the repressive mechanism of the Russian Empire during the First Russian Revolution and the years of reaction in southern Ukraine in 1905-1910. tsarist policies during the Russian Revolution of 1905–1907 and in the post-revolutionary period in the regional dimension on the example of Southern Ukraine. The regional peculiarities of the organization of the repressive policy of tsarism in the South of Ukraine, in particular, in relation to the Jewish population within the settlement of this people, are studied. Statistics on the consequences of tsarist reactionary policy in southern Ukraine in 1905-1910 are presented. The results of tsarist reactionary policy during the First Russian Revolution and in the post-revolutionary period in southern Ukraine are summarized: in the South of Ukraine and emphasized the peculiarities of the national and cultural revival of Ukrainians. Scope: historical material of the dissertation will be useful in writing generalized works on the history of Ukraine, local history research, subject historical studies (history of the Russian army, peasant movement, censorship policy of the Russian Empire, anti-Semitism, penitentiary system, police system and history of political parties in Ukraine in the early twentieth century.), in political science, preparation of reference historical publications, etc. The results of the work can be used for the preparation of lecture courses, the development of special courses, in social studies and political science studies in higher education institutions of Ukraine.


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