Trembitskyi A. Educational, pedagogical and social activity of the Sitsinskiy-Chekhovskiy-Sichinsky-Shandor families (end of the 19th century - the 2000s).

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The dissertation contains a comprehensive study of educational, pedagogical, public, state, scientific, museum, library, publishing, encyclopedic, bibliographic and religious-theological activities, life paths of the Sitsinskiy-Chekhovskiy-Sichinsky-Shandor family. Its main core was one of the most prominent members, known Ukrainian historian, local historian, archeologist, ethnographer, bibliographer, museum scientist, art critic, translator, well-known public, cultural, educational and religious figure, Archpriest Evfimy Sitsinskiy. This community has left a clear mark on the context Ukrainian history, culture and art of the late XIX - 2000s in Ukraine, also in the Ukrainian diaspora of Germany, Slovakia, the USA, France and the Czech Republic. Family ties of Vladimir and Elena Chekhovskі, Vladimir and Yaroslav Sichinskyi, Vincent Sandor, ?ubica Babot? are deeply traced, and private lives are analyzed, the most important mental traits are identified and personal-individual capacity and the process of forming civil positions are considered.

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