Kravchenko O. Child care in the Ukrainian lands as a part of the Russian Empire in the late XVIII - early XX centuries

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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  • 07.00.01 - Історія України


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Д 64.051.10

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University


The object of the research: institute of social care and custody for minors, first of all, orphans, illegitimate children, foundling, deprived of parental custody, refugees, invalids and juvenile offenders, as well as children from poor families in the late XVIII - early XX centuries. The purpose of the research: on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of sources and modern methodology of knowledge of historical phenomena and processes to reveal the process of origin, formation and development of institutions of state, public, church and private сhild care in Ukraine in the late XVIII - early XX centuries. The methods: empirical (observation, comparison), empirical-theoretical methods (abstraction, generalization, deduction and induction, analysis and synthesis, logical) and theoretical (convergence from abstract to concrete, descriptive, statistical, typologization and classification), as well as special ( specific historical) methods: problem-chronological, historical-genetic, historical-comparative, historical-typological, historical-systemic, structural-functional, periodization (diachronic) method. The scientific novelty of the dissertation is a comprehensive reconstruction of the process of formation and development of a сhild care system in the Ukrainian provinces of the Russian Empire; shows the evolutionary changes and regional peculiarities of the activity of national and local institutions, individuals in the field of assistance to minors. Practical value of research consists in the possibility of using dissertation materials for further research on the history of care and charity, the preparation of summarizing works on the history of Ukraine, the history of pedagogy, the history of social work and reference publications, to improve the legal framework of Ukraine in the field of care and custody, as well as in the practice of social work with orphans. Sphere of use: higher educational institutions, social work institutions.


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