Ivanov A. Implementation of employment policy to support entrepreneurship in Ukraine

Українська версія

Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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State Employment Service Training Institute


In the dissertation the actual scientific task is solved, which consists in theoretical and methodological substantiation of features of realization of employment policy on support of business of Ukraine and development of practical recommendations on improvement of activity of authorities in this sphere. In the dissertation for the first time the optimization mechanism of realization of employment policy concerning support and development of business in Ukraine within which prospects of support and development of business in Ukraine are developed is offered; a) at the national level, among which it is proposed to improve the regulatory framework for the support and development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine; reduce the shortage of material resources for the development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine by providing state support under the PPP and JV; to regulate the mechanism of lending to domestic enterprises; create an effective system of tax regulation of business entities; provide state assistance to business entities in the development of export-oriented activities; to ensure the optimal level of the state order for the production of domestic goods and services; create levels of material and resource, financial and credit, investment, information, innovation and technology, etc. conditions of management of small, medium and large enterprises; b) at the regional level, among which it is proposed: to provide guaranteed and systematic financing of programs to support and develop entrepreneurship at the level of OTG; establish proper control and use of funds aimed at supporting and developing entrepreneurship at the regional level; to create an effectively functioning system of interaction between large and small businesses in the regions; to ensure uniform placement and development of business entities between individual regions of Ukraine; develop a network of regional centers for business development. The main functions of public business support institutions for the expansion of the labor market, identified on the basis of analysis of foreign experience, including the following: a) information support: knowledge and recommendations to support the development of innovation and other areas of business, information on international cooperation and internationalization of business); b) support of enterprises in the early stages of development by network resources; c) protection of the interests of members of associations and unions; d) promotion of members and sponsors of the network at the international level. Foreign experience in creating public institutions to support entrepreneurship is reviewed. The experience of public policy around the world to create public institutions to support entrepreneurship shows that the development of small and medium-sized businesses in developed economies is always supported by systematic and comprehensive support from the state, including significant budget funding. Problems and prospects of introduction of foreign experience on creation and functioning of public institutions of support of business in Ukraine are formulated. It was found that the main problems of entrepreneurship development in Ukraine are: insufficient level of training for staffing the implementation and development of entrepreneurship; underdeveloped potential and inconsistency with the needs of the labor market of financial and personnel support and development of entrepreneurship; lack of support for export-oriented activities of domestic businesses; low efficiency of stimulating investment and innovation policy to support and develop entrepreneurship; imperfection of the system of registration procedures that negatively affect the development of entrepreneurial activity; imperfection of the licensing system as one of the main principles of state regulation of business support and development policy; insufficient efficiency of the existing system of taxation of domestic business representatives and inconsistency of measures to optimize tax policy; imperfection of the regulatory framework in the field of support and development of entrepreneurship. Key words: state, public administration, labor market, employment, employment policy, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship support, entrepreneurship development, foreign experience.


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